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Personalized trip

Personalized travel

Destination for your fit

Travel the world

Guidance for your adventure

Help planning your trip

Do you have a dream destination, where you want to travel for a long time, just not sure how to start planning the trip? Tell me the place and some info about your wishes and I will prepare you a totally customized plan with program ideas, accommodation offers and transportation choices. 

Is it time for a getaway? Do you have some ideas, what you want to do, just not sure where, how? Do you need some idea and inspiration? Let me help you and suggest you the adventure of your life according to your wishes, based on my own experiences, places I have been to!

Is your knowledge of foreign language not so stable, or you just don't want to think about the travel arrangement, how to travel between places and reach the next stops in your holiday plan?
I can also help you in this case, by offering a fully personalized tour guidance throughout your whole adventure. 

Tour guide

Local tour guide

Team building



Tips for the trip

Do you want to have an "own" tour guide through your whole travel and go discover the places of your interest?
Do you want somebody with you on the trip who makes sure, that everything happens smoothly and if any problem occurs then solves it instead of you?
I can help you!

Do you want to have a better relationship to your colleagues,get to know closer outside the workplace?
It is a good decision. A team which is getting along well, performs much better as well.

Let's organize the perfect team building for you, and establish the successful cooperation in your company.

If you need general tips, or you just stuck during your own planning, you can also get in touch with me. We will find a way how to continue. ;)

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