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My Adventure Planner is a travel planner diary that plays an important role before, during and after your trip. It helps you to prepare for your trip and you can also write down your favourite memories and happy moments, which you can read and revive years later.

My Adventure Planner - Travel planner

  • Travel, what is it really?

    Adventures, exploration, curiosity, well-trodden paths, untrodden roads, unexpected situations, breathtaking landscapes, interesting cultures, friendly people, wonderful fauna and flora, culinary delights, distant continents, discovering your own country, discovering Yourself, ...

    Whether you are an experienced traveller or just starting your adventures, the important thing is that you are determined to set out on this journey. 


    I wish you many amazing experiences and unforgettable adventures. 

    Remember, "Life is an open book full of blank pages, you write the story as you go!"


    The My Adventure Planner -Travel Planner will help you do just that! 
    I wish you a safe journey and lots of adventures!

  • For now, shipping is only available in Hungary.

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