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Wellness weekend and amazing leisure activities around Zalakaros

So far I have only written about foreign destinations, and I still have a lot of exciting exotic trips to write about, but now I will show you a Hungarian destination, namely Zalakaros.

Where you should definitely go in Zalakaros:

  • Ökopart and Thermal Lake

  • Gránit Spa

  • Wooden Lookout

What you shouldn't miss:

  • Wooden lookout → There make sure, that after walking along the beautiful Snail Trail in the Zala Forest, head to the famous Lookout Winery at the foot of the Wooden Lookout and try their delicious duck-roast dinner.

  • Taste Karosi Krémes in the famous Szilágyi Confectionery

Other super activities in the area:

  • Kis-Balaton,

  • Visitor centers and hiking trails

  • Kayaking tour on the river Zala

  • Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve

  • The unique Gorge in Nagybakónak

  • Zobori Adventure Park

  • Bicycle tours Segway tours, for which you can rent a bicycle or Segway at tourinform in Zalakaros

  • Nordic Walking hiking trails

Where to stay:

  • Kála Wellness Apartment

Zalakaros is a small town located in the heart of the Zala Hills, which has become a popular destination for both active and passive recreation, mainly due to its thermal baths and wonderful hiking opportunities.

Zalakaros is only 36 km from Keszthely, the western tip of Lake Balaton, and 16 km from Kis-Balaton, and it has loads of cool recreational and outdoor activity opportunities.

It is no coincidence that in the last decade it has become an increasingly popular destination. As one of the most popular thermal baths and waterparks in Western Hungary, the Gránit Spa in Zalakaros awaits tourists with open arms.

Unlike the thermal spa in Hévíz, the spa in Zalakaros is also popular among children because of its water slides and modern indoor- and outdoor children's sections. For example, there are a couple of slides, a separate sauna, a salt room, and a movie corner for kids inside the spa, and in summer the outdoor waterpark is added on top of all of these, so the kids are definitely having a lot of fun, while the parents can enjoy the wellness and thermal sections.

During special periods and high seasons, such as school holidays, thematic days & evenings, and night baths are organized sometimes in the Zalakaros spa, with concerts and star guests.

Additionally, the thermal water of Zalakaros can provide a solution to many health problems, such as musculoskeletal-, spinal-, tendon diseases, and spa therapies can also have very effective results during post-operative treatments.

However, Zalakaros is not only a perfect destination for those who want to swim, but also for those who want to go on hikes and try out different leisure activities.

Thanks to extraordinary developments and investments in the Zalakaros area, in the recent years, the Zalakaros Ökopart was born. It is a beautiful park directly next to the thermal spa. Here, in addition to the Ökopart, you will find an outdoor fitness park, a playground, and even a love-lock bridge.

There are also lookout points with slides and an educational mini-trail in the forest. You can admire the natural wildlife of the lake from all directions and if you are lucky you can even see kingfishers.

In case of a longer visit, don't miss the Kányavári Island on Kis-Balaton, where the rich wildlife unfolds in front of you.

The Kis-Balaton Visitor Center hosts an interesting interactive exhibition for young and old alike, presenting the history of Kis-Balaton and its surrounding area.

For adventurous travelers, I recommend a kayaking day trip on the Zala River, on the 12 km route from Zalaapáti to Zalavár (Kis-Balaton). You can reserve spots with smaller groups of people, and you will definitely not regret it.

If you are already here, it is definitely worth visiting the famous Kápolnapuszta Buffalo Reserve, where you can see more than 200-250 native buffalo in their natural living conditions.

The gentle herd of buffalo can be closely observed along the 1.5 km walking trail. And during the interactive exhibition, you can learn about the history of the area and the buffalo sanctuary.

For those who like hiking and rock climbing, the Gorge in Nagybakónak is a must-see attraction. You can find all the useful information for this tour here.

Don’t miss out on this completely unique experience. :)

In case of a holiday with children, be sure to go to the Zobori Adventure Park, which awaits energetic children with a plethora of outdoor and indoor attractions. From roller coasters, free-fall towers, snowdrops, and cable cars, many games guarantee the fun.

Whether you are looking for active recreation or just for a relaxing wellness weekend, the child-friendly Kála Wellness Apartment in Zalakaros, equipped with extras, is definitely a good choice. It is in the most superb location of Zalakaros, only a few minutes' walk from the Ökopart and the Gránit Spa.

But if you just want to relax, spiced up with a little wellness, the Kála Wellness Apartment is still a good choice. With many other extras, you can relax in its wellness section, including a sauna.

This is my summary in a nutshell about Zalakaros.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this hidden gem in the heart of the Zala Hills. I wish you great adventures and relaxation in this beautiful area! :)

Have a nice day,



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