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My Adventure Planner takes care of the planning & organizing & the personalized itinerary for your unique holiday at your dream destination.

How it works

If you are ready for the next adventure,

  1. Let me know your preferences via this form for:
    the destination - If you don't have yet it is not a problem. You can tell me what kind of trip, what activities you want to do under what budget, and we can find the perfect destination for You!
    date, duration
    → all your program wishes, preferences
    number of people in your travel team


  2. Based on the given information I will send you recommendations & highlights for the place and an approximate, how much would your trip cost (with average price flights and accommodation).

  3. If you like it, and want to continue the process, then we will discuss your personal needs and wishes via phone / email / Skype.

  4. Based on the details I will collect the flights, potential accommodations and programs -from  which you can choose.

  5. Then after reviewing the more detailed plan, we can further customize the trip for your needs through another call or meeting.

  6. Once you agree, either in a personal meeting or via Skype we will make the bookings together. – This is also the time for the payment of the advisor fee → 10% of the total value of the bookings that we make together. (Flight, hotel, transportation, pre-booked programs)

  7. I will send you over a package of detailed itinerary, maps, routes, and all the other useful information for your next adventure.

  8. Invite a friend, and once (s)he books a trip with me, you get 5% discount from your next booking fee.

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