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My Adventure Planner takes care of the planning & organizing & the personalized itinerary for your unique holiday at your dream destination.

About the service

My Adventure Planner is a service which is created for people who love to travel, and look for new and personalized adventure in their lives.

My Adventure Planner targets people, who would love to have a an amazing holiday, but

  • don't have time for planning and organizing their trip

  • not fancy or don't have enough experience to arrange everything for the trip, like flights, accommodation, transport, programs + all the little details

  • would love to enjoy the travel focusing on the relaxation and discovery, instead of bothering with the guidance of the trip and dealing with issues

  • would like to have their personal tour-guide for the whole trip

  • are in need of personalized tips, recommendations and local knowledge

About me & History of My Adventure Planner

Dear Traveler,

My name is Berni Koncz, I am a ceaseless traveler with Bachelor Degree in International Business and Master Degrees in Finance
& CEMS International Management.
Besides working as a travel advisor in my own business - (My Adventure Planner), I am also working as Finance Manager at an Austrian Software company - (Meister).
You might wonder, why and how am I doing these two jobs parallel, so hereby I would like to tell you shortly the history of My Adventure Planner:

With my mother and family we have traveled several times per year already since my childhood, to discover places in the most beautiful parts of the world.
As a result, my love for travel continued to grow stronger.
Already as a child, I often helped my Mom in organizing, planning and finding interesting and useful information about our destination. It was a great pleasure to tune in before my trip. That's how it all started ...

Then, during university, even more opportunities became available. This is how I traveled, lived, studied, worked around the world and became more and more experienced in discovering foreign places and planning adventurous trips.
My friends and acquaintances often asked for help and tips during their trips abroad.

This is how I organized:

  • big family trips in several places in Asia, Europe

  • 1-3 month long road trips with my partner in Australia, New-Zeland, South America, South-East Asia, Europe

  • USA West & East coast trips including biggest cities & nature with friends

  • City-visit trips with friends and Grandparents in Asia and Europe

  • And trips only for myself to discover in amazing places like Madeira, Thailand


All these trips I have organized for people with different age groups, different needs, different focuses & priorities.

But it was common in all of them, that the travelers all said that these trips gave them (and also for me) memories for a lifetime. 


This made me realize that many people need help with their travel arrangements, but the offers of the bulk of the travel agencies are not unique and personalized enough for many people.

So I came up with the idea to transfer my hobby from now on, into a more professional form and offer personalized travel planning for those who want to travel.

Berni - My Adventure Planner

Bernadett Koncz

Your advisor for your best travel adventures

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